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What do you miss by not Travelling?



Travel – is a journey to a place; a place nearby or farther. Travel can be for personal or business reasons. Personal travel is more exciting.But there are some who don’t like traveling and prefer to live in their home-base. They are unaware that, a lot of things in life are missed, by NOT travelling!. You might think – ‘how do you say that? I have everything in my life at my native place!’.  Let me tell you briefly what you miss by not Travelling: A lot!

Anyone who travels, gets the opportunity to meet new people and new places which may not be the same as in their residential town or city. They will learn and experience new things. Travelling is a therapeutic hobby, the goodness is known only after a lot of attempts. Here are some things which you will miss if you don’t travel:


One of the most enjoyable and valuable rewards of Travelling is learning about new cultures and appreciate the best things in them. It will give us new vision and an opportunity to inspire us to follow the best practices from other cultures. Indian culture teaches the values of respect to elders and discipline. One of the good qualities in British culture is punctuality. Canadians are more polite and respectful. Germans are very hardworking while the French are a bit leisurely folks. Scottish and Irish folks are very friendly. We can experience them only when we visit these places; no one can teach us or it cannot be learnt by reading. It can be felt only when experiencing.


Travel introduces People's culture
Travel introduces People’s culture


Life teaches everyone something new when they move out of their comfort zone. Travelling to a new place puts you in an unfamiliar zone, where you haven’t lived before. You start to observe the difference between your lifestyle and the lifestyle of the people there. For instance, If you are from a place of High degree of winter, travelling to a Tropical zone will explain you how people survive there. You learn some life hacks as to how you can live in a Tropical area.  You will realize what humidity is and how it feels.

Culinaries around the world

Travel introduces Food
Travel introduces Food

Journey to different places gives you an opportunity to learn what type of cuisines are prevailing in the new area. You might even like some dishes and might want to try them when you are back home. A lot of Travelers who have visited India still remain a fan for Indian food and throng to the Indian restaurants in their countries. Lebanese food culture has some delicacies similar to Indian food. The crepe sold in France is similar to the Dosa available in South India. You will realize the similarities and differences only when you experience them yourself.

Better thoughts, better person

Travel makes you better person
Travel makes you better person

When you have travelled to many places, you would have experienced both positive and negative sides of life. It might be an awareness about oneself, or learning a new skill. You might have learnt to be more punctual after missing out a train or bus in a departure place. You might have learnt some quick cooking tips during self-cooking at travel. You might have also learnt how to keep your money safe after losing some dollars on the trip. All these negative experiences will not put you off; rather will teach you how to improve yourself. They will only make you a better, bolder, stronger and realistic YOU.

Now tell me, all these experiences are available anywhere in a store? My friend that is the specialty of travelling! You earn experience while you enjoy a new place.Now, isn’t that wonderful? Tell me what you learnt or experienced in your latest trip. I’m all ears 🙂

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  1. Ithfifi

    I think travel really opens up the mind, even as you say, positive or negative experience. There is something to be learnt from every experience. I’d love to travel more if I could!

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