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We are a cloud..



We all are like the clouds. Clouds travel in the direction of the wind. They travel as far as the winds take them. Some produce rain, some do not. Humans life progress on the basis of what drives them :

For some it will be a profession, for some it is passion, for some it is family.

The more stronger the force, the stronger is our progression in our lives.It is not certain that all clouds produce rain or all clouds formed last forever. Life of man is also similar.

Many live without achieving their intended purpose and disappear one day. Let us not be that dry cloud. We should evolve as a rainy cloud. We should set our lives based on the strong force that drives us and produce the best results (rain) for ourselves and the world. By doing what you enjoy, you not only make yourself happy but also benefit the world surrounding you.

The clouds – the only birds that never sleep! – victor Hugo

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