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Travel Diary – A Day trip to Lulworth Cove and Durdle door beach

The English countryside has many beautiful places to visit.
Lulworth Cove is a must visit among st them. Lulworth Cove is a Cove near the village of West Lulworth, in Dorset, southern England. The cove is famous for its land form and attracts millions of visitors every year. It is also near to the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site.

Myself and a couple of friends set out on the trip to Lulworth Cove from London on a Summer Bank holiday. We started at about 6 AM from London by car. We reached there around 9 AM. It was a bright Sunny day. Thankfully we didn’t have the regular English rains that day :). It took us a while to find out where the Cove was. As the car had to be stopped a bit away in the parking area, we were walking along the road, looking for signs or directions to the Cove.

After a bit of walking, we took a turn and the sight we saw was simply amazing! It was gorgeous to say the least. This is the Cove: Marvelous isn’t it?

Lulworth Cove view from Ground level
Lulworth Cove view from the ground level

I will show you one more view from the hill:

Lulworth Cove Hill Top View
Lulworth Cove Hill Top View

I was totally taken aback with this Natural beauty!. Though it was summer, the Cove was less crowded and I cant explain the peace I felt while standing there! The water, the clouds and the surrounding hill all gave calmness and happiness at the same time. We stood there taking in the view as long as we can. And the we noticed the nearby hill.

We saw many people climbing the hill with their dogs. Yes, Almost everyone had a dog they took on the walk (except few who were possibly tourists like us). And I have never seen so many varieties of dog breeds until that day!. Trust me! Though taking the dog for a walk is common, but the hill was getting loaded with so many dog walkers that day, which I felt unusual. So we were excited to find out what was up above the hills.We were very intrigued.

So we set out from the Cove towards the hill. The Hills looked small and we thought it can be climbed in no time. This is how it appeared from the ground:

Durdle Door Hills
Durdle Door Hills

We started climbing, chatting all the way, taken breathleass by the views we saw while climbing up! The sea had been nicely fenced by the limestone rocks, which over time is slowly getting eroded. The walk was endless, but we didnt feel tiring because of the view.

At the start of the hill walk:

view towards the ground
At the beginning of the hill view towards the ground

More Up:

View from climbing up the hills
View from climbing up the hills

More View:

View from top of the hills Lulworth cove
View from top of the hills Lulworth cove

We took about nearly 1.5 hours – yes so loong to climb up all the way. On the way we saw an ice cream shop (wonder how they manage to come there every day to see ice creams!) and had luscious scoops and moved further.We were almost to the point of exhaustion, as it was past lunch time, and the hill path only seem to grow. We decided to walk 5 more minutes and turn back if the path was still going. But then we had our surprise! I think it’s always best to try till the end, otherwise we might miss what God has kept in store for us. Our efforts of climbing didn’t go in vain.

We saw the famous Jurassic coast rock arch in few minutes.We were atop and the arch was seen down in the shore.It is the most beautiful natural arch I have ever seen in my life!. I have seen this only in movies and felt elated to see the Jurassic Coast Arch! That was a great sight from the top of the hill! Here you go:

That gave the maximum joy and we forgot all the tiredness. We took a lot of photographs to cherish the memory.

We stayed there for couple of hours until sunset, we totally forgot about our lunch, as we were so happy there!. I think that is the beauty of Nature. It immerses you in itself and you are deeply mesmerized.I hope you enjoyed the views of Lulworth through this post. I hope this post make you add this place to the list of places to see in UK!.


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  1. In and Out of Vegas

    I love reading and looking a new places to potentially visit. My bucket list grows! Great photos! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Kobby

    i can understand why you felt calmness and happiness because the views look beautiful and amazing!! And you didn’t say but i love the green environment! I do wish i can visit the Cove too one day i will definitely do some day.

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