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Varanasi – a heritage city

Notes from my travels

Varanasi/Banaras -2016

Banaras/Varanasi is an ancient city in UttarPradesh, north India. This city is known to have existed since thousands of years and is one of the oldest cities in the world. In Hindu mythology, it is said that if a person dies in Banaras, he attains heaven irrespective of his sins. Every Hindu is supposed to visit  Banaras atleast once in his lifetime and take a dip in the holy Ganges. Ganges is said to flow from the head of Lord Siva and reprieves the humans of their sins. A holy dip on the Ganges clears one own sins.

So as part of the wishes of our parents and other elders in our family, we made a trip to Banaras last year. I have heard much about the city and was very interested to visit it.

I was also excited to visit the Ganges river. The river was massively broad. We went during June, so it didnt have much waters. Still it looked huge to me. We heard that during rainy seasons, the waters will come up to the steps we see in below picture. This is a picture I took from one of the ghats as we descended towards the river. There are 64 ghats or sections along the shores of Ganges in Banaras. Each section has its own story and importance from the Hindu Puranas.


People mostly of old age come to Banaras to do dharshan and get blessings of Ganges. Here I saw a very old grand mother, pouring water for the Siva idol. She took the water from the river using the small jug seen in the picture. She did the pouring (abhisheka) for 3 times. Every time she went down in the slippery steps and took the water on her own.

Whilest I was struggling to step casually on the steps as they were slippery, I was amazed to see her at her age to go up and down without hesitation. She was so devoted to worship. I felt immense happiness in seeing this. Banaras has its own charm. Its not only for worshippers. You need not do any rituals in Banaras. Just walk along the steps on the shores of Ganges, have a look at those huge group of pilgrims, you will be amazed!


Another must visit in Banaras is the Banaras palace. You will get to see how beautiful the palace is. This was a picture taken from the backyard of the palace. Its said to be the viewing point for the river behind the palace. It also has a boat point, where people from across the river use a boat to reach the palace. It was a great sight. I’m sure during the rainy days, it will be more beautiful to see.

There are lots more to tell, for now I will stop here.

I loved Banaras!


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  1. Ashley

    I’ve never heard of Banaras, but it sounds like a very interesting place to visit and learn about the culture. Thanks for sharing your experience, I’ll consider it for one of my future travels!

  2. Familyearthtrek

    Ohh Varanasi! You either love or hate it. We spend 2 weeks there because my husband got sick.
    Honestly, it was hard for us but it was very fascinating and very special place. We could feel the something that I cant describe.

  3. dre

    This is a very interesting place never been there before its my first time reading/knowing about it sounds like a lovely place to visit

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