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The coloring effect

Last  week I had the chance to volunteer for a painting event. I like to participate in volunteering activities that provide a venue for serving  the society as well as let my skills to be used for a better cause. I firmly believe that we all have a role in living as a harmonius society and empowering our community. We should give back to the society whenever we get a chance. It may be small or big, a heart to serve is what everyone should have.

My volunteering contribution is very less, but I really enjoyed the ones  I did so far. The event I opted in to volunteer was a wall painting event. Initial assumption on seeing the volunteering request was that the place to be painted was near a lake. So myself and few other colleagues opted for it and went there. On reaching the place, there was no lake!! There was only a highway bridge running along and no lake to be seen nearby. I was baffled. Checked the location sent by the event organizer again and it was perfect. The location being on the outskirts of the city, no one in the vicinity to confirm that there is an event going on. I walked a few metres and I find nothing; thought I might have come to the wrong place.  So I called up the event coordinator and checked the location accuracy.It turned out that the painting is to be done on the walls beneath the bridge!

At a distance I could see few people standing near the bridge with paints and brushes set. The wall was near the service road, with only few feet  width to stand and paint.There was busy traffic going on the service road of the bridge, and people crossing us in the vehicles gave that typical “why are you folks standing in nowhere” look! . I was unsure I could do this, as standing out in a public place and getting public attention was really something I have never done!. I enjoy painting and coloring but painting on a public place is something I have never dreamt of doing!

I thought for a second: Should I do this? Or shall I  step back and apologize and leave?

I looked at the participation crowd strength. The wall we had to paint was having very few  volunteers, the organizer was desperately looking for more. Myself and few more people have just been given the job to paint the wall. There were few men drawing outline on the adjacent wall and along with them…a small boy!  aged about 5 years or so…so eagerly waiting to color with a color brush in hand.

His Dad was pacifying him to be patient so that, once the wall is ready he can go ahead and paint with colors. I thought to myself: ‘Look at the small kid, he has come here to enjoy the fun of painting. He doesnt really know what volunteering is, but he is here to let out his skills and be happy. Why you cant do that? What you are going to achieve by going back? why not try this? You love coloring. So why dont you stay back and color?.Its only for few hours. Give a try.’

Yes! honestly that thought after looking at the little boy made me to stay.  I thought about the joy of painting and the fact it was being a highway seemed of less importance now. I decided to stay.We first wiped the wall with a white paint, one girl who joined us drew the drawing on the wall. One of the volunteers was tirelessly helping us with giving the colors and brushes we asked for. Everyone was so taken into the world of colors.I was so glad that I didnt leave. The activity was so much fun! People crossing in the vehicles slowed down to see our work and left with an eye of appreciation.

I colored almost half of the drawing and I totally liked it. It came out very well. This is the end painting. I was happy I did something new and that is of use.

Sometimes we may not get an opportunity that we really want. But how to look at the one landed in our hands totally depends on our mindset. I went with a closed mindset, a kid changed my thought a little bit and in the end, I decided to try something new and was happy. This may not be applicable in all situations but this shouldnt stop us from trying something new!

The power of your subconscious mind

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  1. Hannah Smith

    I LOVE THIS! This was such a touching and inspiring read. So amazing that you shared your skills for a good reason and what a beautiful piece that was added on the wall. Keep up the awesome posts!

  2. abeautifulcrazylife

    My daughter read your post and was so passionate about what you wrote she wanted me to read too.
    I am glad I read it too! I believe we we cross paths with people, have dreams, develops new ideas, and talents for a reason not by accident. The simplest moments can touch our lives and heart. I’m glad you decided to stay and met the little boy that day. The painting is as beautiful as this story! Thank you for sharing.

    • Rajiwriteshere

      That is so true, life has its mysterious ways of teaching to us, which we realize only on certain occasions. Thank you for sharing your views. Im glad to hear that you and your daughter both liked it 🙂

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