Tamil New year

Tamil New year

April 14, 2018 2 By rajiwrites

Happy Tamil New year!

Today is the start of new calendar for the Tamils across the world. The Tamil calendar has 60 years and they keep rotating. The new year always starts in the mid of April- 14th mostly.

People celebrate their 60th birthdays when they come across the same tamil year they were born.60th birthday is considered to be a milestone year and celebrated in a grand manner.

Tamil is one of the oldest langugages in the world and a classical language. I take pride in being able to speak read and write Tamil being a native. My highest scores in school exams always came from Tamil subject πŸ™‚ Needless to say I enjoyed reading Tamil. I always strive to write it beautfully in the exams, as beautiful, neat handwriting fetches few extra marks!

Learning tamil could be a great experience for everyone. Its a great tongue twister. But once you learn it, you will never forget it.

In Tamil culture, every festival has some meaning attached to it. On the new year day, a special raw mango dessert is made to indicate various flavor of experiences that could come across in one’s life. We have to taste it first before eating the rest of the food served as lunch.The dessert is made of jaggery, raw mango, neem flowers and little spice to indicate that life is not always sweet(jaggery) you will get sometimes sour (raw mango) and bitterness (neem flowers). Its all part of the life so you should prepare yourself to face all of them.

I like the way how our elders have taught a great concept via a simple food.Here are some links to the recipe for the dessert, if any of you are interested.

PS: The copyright and contents of the recipe belongs to the owners and I am in no way involved with them.

– Raji

Mango pachadi

Mangai pachadi

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