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Thinking of starting your blog?


Are you thinking of starting your blog?

disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.

I know how exciting is to write and publish your own words. Especially with the online reach, you have the potential to reach millions of people with minimum efforts. We can voice our thoughts and opinions without depending on the print media and be heard by individuals.

How do you start a blog?
Here is an explanation in simple words:
A blog is a location in the internet with an unique identity where your thoughts live. The unique identity, that identifies your blog is called the website domain name. You also need to have a storage location where you can place all your writings with this identity. This storage area is called a webhost or host. Now with a web host and domain name, you are ready to start writing your blog using softwares. The host provides you all the infrastructure needed to design your blog and publish.

Hence purchasing a domain name and a web host are essential steps when you want to start your blog.

Now there are a lot of companies available which provide domain name and Web hosting.There are a lot of domain name providers. No matter whom you choose, it is essential that you get a ‘Who is’ privacy when buying your domain name. Otherwise your name and contact information will not be held private by the domain name companies.

Next comes web hosting. I suggest you to buy web hosting considering these factors:

The support
The downtime average
Hosting features

Siteground: A great Web hosting you can rely upon!

I have done a lot of research on the web hosting. I found Siteground to be more reliable and efficient with their packages and plans. Their customer support is top class. Firstly in the past year, I have to reach out to them only once or twice and their response is in lightening speed!. My site newithr had an issue of being down so far (touch wood) and I have heard from many bloggers and Website owners that they love Siteground. I will look no further if I have to start another site.

Here is my affiliate link: SitegroundHosting

We both will get a discount when you use this link for purchasing a hosting plan with them.

Remember, I am not recommending because I am an affiliate, I recommend them because they are the best.

You can search online for them before buying your hosting plan!

Another hosting provider that gives you great pricing options is bluehost.

Not just pricing they also have many additional features as part of their hosting plans.

Here is the link to visit them.

Well, dear readers, I gave you the two important primary steps about blogging. There are many more to consider.
Do you have any other queries related to blogging? Feel free to ask in the comments!

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