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The remaining story – Rajasthan trip


Sorry that I have taken a while to continue with the remaining story about my Rajasthan trip. I got involved in the festival celebrations of Diwali / Deepavali at home and then I had my birthday coming up. I also did another trip to Mysore-about which you can read it here<insert link>

In my last post, I talked about how humble and well mannered the people of Rajasthan were.

Well. its not just the ordinary people, I had a humbled experience with the members of the Royal family too. We were visiting the Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur. we were awestruck by the large fort and the various rooms inside the palace. We were totally immersed into it. It was about to sunset so we were hurried by the palace guards to finish the tour and move out. I captured some beautiful sunset photos on my return and was walking towards the exit.

We were suddenly stopped and held near the exit by two security guards. I also saw a police woman doing patrol in the surrounding area. I was wondering why they halted us. My rest of the tour group has crossed the exit and waiting on the outside!. I asked the guard why he stopped us.

He said ‘Maharaj aa raha hain. Side pe ho jao’.

He is saying that ‘the king is coming, move to the side, dont stand in the way’. I was like -‘well there is no more King rule in the country, anyhow lets wait and see’. Then I saw a man aged 60+ years, dressed up like ordinary people walking down the entrance. Few steps before him was another lady of same age, walking swiftly with two foreigners. The lady and the foreigners were saluted by the Guards. I was observing the lady and the guard told that she is the queen. To be honest, she was dressed nothing like a royal. She was wearing a Saree that is probably made of cotton but of high quality cotton. No rich jewellery or accessories. They walked past us and went towards the temple in the campus. There was a foreigner couple standing next to me who were also looking at them with excitement. Then came the man near to us. I then thought ‘this must be the king whose photo we saw in the museum today. The current king of Jodhpur, ofcourse technically not the ruler now’. He also wore a turban like other Rajasthani men, and wore simple white clothing. He looked at us and did a ‘Namaste’ guesture with his hands.

I was too awestruck! I didnt expect this from a Royal family member. Usually it will be the other way- people bend and say namaste to Royals. The foreigner couple standing next to me did a perfect ‘namaste’. I was too dumbstruck that I didnt respond back with the ‘namaste’ (I feel sorry for that now). But at that moment I was surprised by his guesture! Truly, a great experience which I never expected from the member of Royal Family. I was so happy that he was humble and respected the people at the sametime ashamed that I didnt return back the respect!

So folks, that was really a great experience. What do you think?

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