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My trip to Jaipur and Jodhpur – Rajasthan – Part 2


So what I loved about Rajasthan?

Having read my earlier post on My trip to Jaipur and Jodhpur – Rajasthan -Part 1, you might be thinking like “well the joy of visiting any tourist place is always understandable. What would have had the author fall in love with Rajasthan?”

Well dear readers, whilest I loved all those beautiful places and the sightseeing was a real pleasure, there are more reasons to love Rajasthan. Here they are for you:

The people of Rajasthan and their cultured behaviour
 The people of Rajasthan

I noted with immense respect how humble and respectful these Rajasthani people are!. Few incidents which touched my heart for you:

The respectful elderly couple


In one of the Forts, I saw an elderly Rajasthani couple sitting. I was attracted by their traditional attire and tried to click a picture of them. The husband, noticing my action, called his wife who was busy talking to someone and made her also gave a pose. What next happened was totally touching,I took their picture and I thanked them by saying “Thank you”. Their reaction was very respectful. Their reaction was the Namaste gesture! Oh they are so much into following our culture and are still traditional in many ways. Saying namaste and doing the gesture is quite hard a scene in the state where I am living, (shameful but I admit) and seeing them follow the culture made me very touched at heart.

The courteous people at the hotel

Another interesting incident happened at the hotel where we stayed. We were at sight seeing and it was getting late in the night (about 9 pm). Our tour host called up the hotel and informed that they need to keep dinner for us (roughly 10 people) and will be reaching the hotel in half an hour. We arrived and after refreshing, went to the restaurant of the hotel to have dinner. We all were very hungry. We waited for the dinner and started talking amidst us. We were the only people waiting for the dinner. Nearly an hour passed, we didnt get the food and we started getting anger. Anger that despite calling and informing, they didnt serve food for us. We were wondering -What are they doing inside the kitchen? The server was saying “5 mins madam ji” aleast for 5 times since we sat!

Did we have food or not?

We lost our patience and about to get up, then the food arrived, nearly at 10.30 pm. There were a lot of varieties-mind blowing taste and hot and fresh!! We grabbed as much as we could as all of us were damn hungry!

Later We asked the waiter why they didnt tell us that dinner will be so delayed. Their response was, you are our guests. We tried calling you earlier in the evening to know about your dinner plans. But your number was unreachable. So we didnt prepare food for your group. However later when you called us for dinner arrangement, we started preparing food for you. So it took a lot of time and caused the delay. We are very sorry madam. Hope you enjoyed the food.

Was so pleased by their sincerity in serving the guests and patience to prepare food at a last minute notice. I should admit again that I wouldnt have had a great guest experience in the state where I am from. Had this happened here, the response would have been, “Sorry the dinner time is over”. We cannot expect such a polite treatment or fresh food preparation and serving as we had there!
That is why my friends, I admire the culture of the Rajasthani people. These two incidents increased my respect towards them by many folds.

To be continued..

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