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Thoughts on a rainy night…

Thoughts on a rainy night, rains are a blessing but for whom?
Rainy season

It has been raining heavily here in Chennai for the past few days. The days are getting shorter with  longer evenings. We always have dark clouds up above in the sky, willing to pour rain anytime.  Gloomy dull days have adorned the city for the past week. Roads getting flooded, traffic at its worst in busy areas, the city attains its ‘glorious rainy days’ in Nov-Dec. I had some deep thoughts on a rainy night, which I want to share .

Scary lightnings

The season is not just about rain but thunderstorms and lightning too. I hate lightning!. They are harmful nature creatures. They scare me. It would be nice if it rains without the thunder and lightning, just like a shower tap, but then who can stop nature?

As you know, lightnings are pretty bright and occur frequently that they lit up a dark room. I feel scared seeing them and  pray for the lightning to stop. I have had many scary moments seeing the lightning streaks, while travelling, or at home having dinner or going to bed for sleep.

‘The thought’

During one of these lightning times, I thought about those who are not privileged to stay at their homes. I felt really bad for the people who don’t have a shelter and are open in the rain, those who have to commute in the rainy night to accomplish something: either commute to work or return to home, visit a friend or family, visit a doctor or buy grocery at the store. It is a risk to commute or be outside when lightnings occur.


In one of those nights, I felt an immense gratitude and thanked the Lord for being home. I am here, sitting at home eating food or watching Tv, away from the sharp showers and thunder storms whitest there are people moving out and about. It is a blessing to be dry and stocked with food and a bed to sleep on a rainy day!. It is not possible without the blessings of the almighty to get such a protection.

We all are blessed, its just that we don’t know how sometimes…

Thank you, Lord! for giving me the best possible cover and shelter  on a rainy thundery night like this. I feel blessed and grateful for this privilege. Yes having a shelter, food and a bed to sleep is a privilege- especially in rainy days. That day gave me a thought to count on my blessings. We may think that we are not privileged at all, but on thinking deeper, we will discover what we are showered with by the almighty.



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