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Change yourself

Change yourself, change is an essential part of the world

What comes to your mind, when you think about change? 

Change is an essential part of this world. Can be in tangible or intangible form.Tangible changes are visible – Alteration to a property or person’s appearance are tangible changes for example.An old house can be remodeled and painted fresh, which is noticeable positive change.A person change make a makeover of their fashion and style, positive and visible change.

 But intangible changes are invisible and some types are riskier to humans in a way.They can be only felt, not noticeable by the eyes. We need some extra focus to identify those.The riskier ones are the change of human heart. Over the few years I have come across some weird people who appeared to be great and trustworthy initially, but later lowered down to not so great by a change of heart! Initially I felt difficult to adjust with that, but one day I felt much free er and happier by letting go of that fondness I have had for them. So I thought of sharing my views about the same false relationships today. Are you still with me? okay 🙂

A lot of relationships are affected primarily due to a change in heart of the people involved: A friend of yours who once was a close one, could turn out into a stranger one day. A much familiar, trust worthwhile colleague at work could turn their back on us one day. We can notice it only during our times of need.  When a person change, their attitude towards us changes. They will be with you, laughing along with you, but will not be there when you want to talk.

Why they change? what is the reason for the change? Well its difficult to find unless they open up. If they are not thinking of you as a close one, they are not going to give you the real reason for their change.

Reason for change can be valid, situational or biased.

When we notice a change, we should approach them immediately and try to understand the problem. Keeping it to ourselves will only increase the gap. 

If their reason for the difference in their approach can be found and its sounds reasonable, we should make all efforts to impart alteration to our own self. 

If they didn’t open up, or they are unreasonable, and then comes the change to your relationship with them. Well, you are their loss!. Its okay to not have people around you, who doesn’t value us for what we are. Its better to stop any deeper connections with them and be there just as an acquaintance. Yes, its difficult to be an acquaintance after being good friends/relatives, but believe me this is better than being strangers. By being with them in your circle at the same time not caring too much for them, you respect your  own self, you train your heart to be strong, not craving for those false friendships and at the same time not hurt the other person by totally moving away.

If they are matured people, at one point will realize and start valuing you and come back closer once again. If they didn’t, well don’t worry :). You will still have many more good people to meet. All  you need is a stronger heart and a peaceful mind to keep you going!


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  1. Antonio

    Well this actually fits quite well with the quirky story I posted. In my opinion, change is what gives our lives meaning.
    Also, other people are here to make it a bit more fun.

  2. Kobby

    Approaching people when we notice a change in their attitude towards us is important to realize and learn from our mistakes. It keeps the relationship healthy. Great post!

  3. happinessexposed17

    So many people thing change is a bad thing but it’s just a part of growth! If you aren’t growing then you’re dying! Thanks for sharing your perspective 😊

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