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Thoughts on a rainy night…

Thoughts on a rainy night, rains are a blessing but for whom?

Rainy season It has been raining heavily here in Chennai for the past few days. The days are getting shorter with  longer evenings. We always have dark clouds up above in the sky, willing to pour rain anytime.  Gloomy dull days have adorned the city for the past week. RoadsRead the Rest…

Change yourself

Change yourself, change is an essential part of the world

What comes to your mind, when you think about change?  Change is an essential part of this world. Can be in tangible or intangible form.Tangible changes are visible – Alteration to a property or person’s appearance are tangible changes for example.An old house can be remodeled and painted fresh, whichRead the Rest…


Are you not getting sleep? This is a small trick you can do to get your sleep. Human brain gets tired or bored when it encounters topic of disinterest. Only when the brain is bored, man moves to sleep mode. If you can feed your brain with such a topicRead the Rest…

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