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Can we buy love?

Can we buy love?

So far in the market anything and everything is sold. Can we buy love too?

Well, some of us are doing that. They do that unconsciously; with an urge to be loved and love. They don’t know what lies behind that purchase! Are they really spreading the love by buying it?

You might be wondering what I am talking about. Do I make any sense? You might have come to the conclusion that I’m probably a confused blogger, whose site you wrongly hopped into!

Let me clear the air 🙂

The pet shop industry

I am going to tell you about the four-legged world of canines; the pet shops that sell puppies!

We buy puppies, a bundle of joy and a playmate for us to love and be loved.

But is it the right way to buy love??

Recently, I happened to attend a not-for-profit meeting that talked about the life of pet dogs. The presenter gave an insight into how the pet breeding or the puppy mills work. It was disheartening to know what all these voiceless creatures go through.

Pet shops/puppy mills – how healthy is the pups?

Pet shop owners/ breeders keep an array of dogs of high end breeds and make them breed as many times as they can. Here breeding is forced and it’s not natural. The mums and dads reproduce litters as much their health could support. After their health detoriate, they are left untended. Probably dumped on the streets or let to die.

Not just that, they are mostly kept in a very unhealthy, filthy environment and zero care. The presenter showed videos of few unhealthy pet shops. We also saw a video of a female bull dog who was left uncared for, after she was found no use for reproduction!

The bull dog though was treated by the blue-cross, died within few days due to poor health. It was a painful sight to watch the video!.

The dog could have lived well had she been elsewhere-in a home that gives love!

In a pet shop, we get to see the bright and shiny puppies of various breeds. What we don’t see is what their mom and dad went through to bring them to the earth. And remember all that litter that was produced in a low-quality environment from malnourished parents are definitely not going to be 100% healthy! She explained that these puppies are born with defects in heart or skin conditions or eye problems.

Don’t buy love -for that is expensive and inappropriate for our 4 legged friends

She also explained how animal shelters care for the orphaned dogs and about few good souls who goes beyond their limits to feed the homeless dogs. The presenter and few others have been rescuing and providing shelters for homeless dogs. They go out of their way to treat them, feed them and try to get a home for them.

I was simply amazed to know such good hearts exists in this selfish world- where we only care for ourselves and our family.  I am not a dog person, I love puppies but I am not sure I can handle a dog. However I can certainly advise against anyone going to a pet shop.

NEVER buy pets from a pet shop please. Buying from a pet shop is equivalent to allowing an animal to die for no fault of its own. You are supporting a terrible practice unknowingly, that puts the man’s best friend in a pathetic situation.

Don’t buy love –adopt love :). If you are up for it, adopt a pup from a shelter than a shop. One day I might get a pup…who knows  :)..



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