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Bali – 5 reasons why you should visit!

Bali is known as the ‘Heaven on earth’. Bali islands is a beautiful group of islands in the Indonesian coast. A trip to Bali is a must for any traveler who loves mountains and beaches. I recently got a chance to visit there. I loved the country and I think everyone should visit it once.

Here are the 5 reason why you should visit Bali:

All-year mild weather:

As it is located in the tropical climate, Bali enjoys warm weather throughout the year.
It gets rainy but there is no freezing winter. We can expect it to be humid and warm for most part of the year. I went in July when the weather was around 29’c.

Low-cost exotic location:

Bali is part of Indonesia, an Asian country. Here the cost of living, food and travel are comparatively lesser than the exotic western destinations you could list. Bali offers the same delight like any beach destination at a lesser price. You get beautiful rental accommodations that are villas with pools at the price of an ordinary 3 start hotel room in the western world. If you are a budget traveler, you can still book decent hotels at very good rates.

Hire a scooter and travel anywhere. Bali has option to rent scooters if you know how to ride them. You need not pay huge money for rental cars but enjoy the location like a local by riding on a two wheeler. A lot of travelers I saw were riding on two-wheelers.

Awesome Indian, Indonesian, Continental food cuisines are available across the hotels in Bali. So food is not a problem. I never missed Indian food for dinner on my stay!

Beautiful coasts and beaches:

Bali has a lot of crystal blue, green beaches that you can stay all day. Check out the beaches in legian, uluwatu temple.

The awesome landscape of rice fields:

Ubud is a region that is full of rice fields and orchards. The people of Bali have a special style of rice fields cultivation that reminds of a cascaded land steps which is a treasure to watch.

Fun for every one:
Bali has a great night life too in Kuta region. It is too busy with all restaurants, shopping areas and night clubs. People who are not nature lovers will still like Bali due to this.

A word of caution:
Despite all the positives, there is one point to be considered to ascertain the right time of travel to Bali.
Bali is located on the oceanic plate of Indonesian sea, which means it is prone to earthquakes and storms. It also has an active volcano, which recently erupted (july 2018) Hence please always check the weather conditions before visiting. Hope you have a great Bali holiday!

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