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A small accomplishment

Today, I did something that I always have wanted to do: Driving myself to work. It might sound silly to most of you but yes, I have had that as a checklist item. I always take the public transport or a private cab to work. I don’t want to drive because of the focus I need to have while riding and cope up with the unruly driving habits of the people here. When I say driving, I meant two wheeler. Two-wheeler driving is becoming a day-by-day risky travel in a crowded city like Chennai. The city roads are full of vehicles being driven by rash drivers and rule breakers. Hardly few follow the rules and drive with concern about fellow riders. It is becoming an herculean task now-a-days to ride on roads with safety.
Hence my aversion to riding two-wheelers in city roads.

 I somehow managed to courage up today and rode my bike to work. This was partly due to the encouragement from my sister. And it turned out to be a nice ride! The traffic was less, the weather was nice and I managed to stride through the fellow bikers with ease. So I had a pleasant ride today! I felt I accomplished something :). I don’t know I will drive regularly because two-wheeler driving in summers is like  a punishment in  Chennai-which is humid, trafficky and extremely hot in summers!. So I doubt many enjoy it in summers.  I have the content that I can too drive now, however I will try and aim for a 4 wheel drive now ;).

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