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5 Habits for Happiness

A small conversation I heard while travelling in public transport:
Person1: Hello, there! How are you doing today?
Person2: Ok, not bad. How about you?
person1: not bad, thanks
person1: How is your job going?
person2: hmmm…its ok…

What comes to your mind after reading this? Do you listen to the mild dissatisfaction in their answers? They don’t say explicitly that they are unhappy, but express using the words they choose. Happiness is missing! Where to find that? who or what can give happiness to us? How to keep ourselves happy? Its very easy to be happy if we follow these 5 habits:

1. Be Humble

When we are humble, the mind is at ease. We will look at everyone with respect and kindness. With kindness any big problem is solvable. Mind performs at its best when its in a stable state.

What will happen if we are proud and beaming with attitude? Proud and aggressiveness join hands. Ego rules the mind. The mind craves for attention and respect from anyone and everyone we come across. If the expectation is not met, worry sets in. Mind gets restless. The result => unhappiness.

Being humble doesn’t harm anyone. It is not loss of self respect. Instead it brings respect from every one. People regard people who are polite and respectful.

2. Be thrifty but not stingy

Money- yes many people lose their happiness in search of money. Money brings happiness, but just not money. Spend money wisely, at the same time do not hesitate to spend for things you really like -doing so will bring happiness. Buy that long-desired summer dress or the wonderful gadget you always wanted to buy, but restricted yourself as it costs a good amount of money. Money needs to be saved, only to be spent for our enjoyment and well-being. No point in hoarding that money in vault and guard it all long, only to loose your happiness worrying about it.

3. Exercise!

Do at least one form of physical exercise everyday, spend some time for it. Physical activity relieves the stress from your mind and relaxes you.

4. Give!

You get more happiness when you give. Giving can be of any form: Giving money to charity, giving goods to the needy, volunteering to a social cause. Even a small giving at home will give you great happiness you never imagined.

5. Always Count your blessings!

A man without shoes, looked at a man without legs and thanked God for what he has been gifted with

Whenever you feel low, think about the good things that happened in your life.

Think about the people who helped you or inspired you. Look at the people who couldn’t be in your position and Β still struggling with their life. I am not saying to insult them, its just to realize what good things are with you. You will realize the blessings you have. You will stop worrying and start living.




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