January, 2018

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The remaining story – Rajasthan trip


Sorry that I have taken a while to continue with the remaining story about my Rajasthan trip. I got involved in the festival celebrations of Diwali / Deepavali at home and then I had my birthday coming up. I also did another trip to Mysore-about which you can read itRead the Rest…

Madurai – a must visit Indian city

Madurai Meenakshi wedding photo

Whilst India has a lot of places to be seen and appreciated, Madurai gets into the top list of places in every world traveller’s list. Madurai is located in South India, TamilNadu. It is one of the cities in the state with fame for many things.Madurai is quite popular byRead the Rest…

My Year 2017

2017 has been a special year for me. It has helped me realize my potential beyond my regular work. I discovered my joy in writing: writing for self and for others. I got an excellent thought this year  -to set a stage to share my views with the world-a blog.Read the Rest…

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