August, 2017

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Difference between and

Dear reader, I am new to the blogging journey and I have had my share of research and analysis in the and sites. I had to read quite some articles to understand the difference between the two and decide on the best approach to run my blog. ThereRead the Rest…

So what are Rainbow leaflets?


Dear Reader, A Rainbow contains different shades. It is seen when there is a little bit of sunshine amidst raining  and it lasts only for a short time. But the rainbow’s appearence creates a sense of warmth and happiness. As variant as the colors of the rainbow, so is myRead the Rest…

5 Habits for Happiness

A small conversation I heard while travelling in public transport: Person1: Hello, there! How are you doing today? Person2: Ok, not bad. How about you? person1: not bad, thanks person1: How is your job going? person2: hmmm…its ok… Please follow and like us:

The Liebster Award – 2017

  I am pleased to say that I have been identified as a winner of the Liebster Award 2017 by Trupti . This is a great milestone for me! Thank you Trupti! Liebster Award is given for new bloggers in recognition to their blogging effort. Liebster means dearest or beloved inRead the Rest…

The coloring effect

Last  week I had the chance to volunteer for a painting event. I like to participate in volunteering activities that provide a venue for serving  the society as well as let my skills to be used for a better cause. I firmly believe that we all have a role in living as a harmonius society and empowering our community.

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